Unimacts: A legacy of quality in solar & engineering components for over 20 years serving the solar, wind and OEM industries globally.

Unimacts was founded in 2002. We have partnered with leading solar EPCs, tracker OEMs, developers and industrial OEMs to reduce costs, maximize quality and improve customer service throughout the international supply chain.

We specialize in manufacturing solar modules, foundational piles & trackers.

Headquartered in Houston, TX with more than 250 employees in North America and 400 employees globally.

We operate on four continents and have supplied more than $1 billion of products for our US Customers.

We deliver these solutions from our own factories and operations centers in the USA, Mexico, and Europe as well as partner factories in places like India, China and Vietnam.

Our priorities are SQDC – Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost.

We enable our customers to “Buy local and source global through the UNX supply chain service”.

Our Parent Company


  • Well capitalized - has raised over $650MM of equity from “blue chip” investors such as Sequoia, Accel, Lightspeed, D1 Capital and others.

  • Factories in India and with approximately 3,000 employees in Sourcing, Engineering, Supply Chain Mgmt, and other capacities

  • Acquired Unimacts in 2022 to support growth in the North American and European markets

Zetwerk further enhances Unimacts’ value as a supply partner to our customers:

  • Increased access to capital

  • People and technology to rapidly advance our digitization efforts

  • Expertise in numerous complimentary products and industries – e.g. electronics, aerospace and defense (AS9000 certified), large skids, oil and gas (hydrogen), etc

Business Units Within Zetwerk

  • AeroSystems

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Oil & Gas

  • Transmission & Distribution

  • Precision Components

  • Water

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Railways

Value Propositions

Tariff Mitigation

Manufacturing in countries like the US, India & Laos for tariff mitigation.


Parent company with $2B+ in annual revenues. Unimacts in operation for 22 years.

Inhouse Logistics

Inhouse logistics teams in the US and abroad for real-time communication. Over 22 years of experience in the US.

Local Warehousing

Owned warehouses & assembly facilities in the US and Mexico.

Supply Management

World-class systems and quality control oversight.

C-Level Management

Management team in the US and fully accessible.